BIGDAWG: Bridging ImmunoGenomic Data-Analysis Workflow Gaps

BIGDAWG is an integrated analysis system that automates the manual data-manipulation and trafficking steps (the gaps in an analysis workflow) normally required for analyses of highly polymorphic genetic systems (e.g., the HLA and KIR genes).

BIGDAWG performs tests of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, and carries out case-control association analyses for haplotypes, individual loci, and HLA amino-acid positions on unambiguous genotype data. 

The 'BIGDAWG' R package (v1.3.4) is available for download from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN), and is available as an online web-app at

BIGDAWG is described in Pappas et. al. (2015) Human Immunology. 77(3):283-287, and was developed with the support of NIH grants R01AI128775 and U01AI067068.